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Sustainability and Ecology

The need to accelerate the double ecological and digital transition implies the construction of a new paradigm of high sustainability, namely with the recent commitments to carbon neutrality laid down in the European Ecological Pact and in the 2030 Climate Goal Plan, at European level, as well as in the Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality 2050 and in the National Energy and Climate Plan 2030, at national level.

In this sense and because Jadifex has always been characterized by being a sustainable company, having already made significant investments over the last 20 years in ecologically efficient systems, namely:

Compactor machine for the plastic, paper and knit cutting waste that the entire factory separates and that is later sent to companies that give it a new life.

We started a new project to use part of this waste and reintroduce it into the supply chain.

Replacement of the entire roof with sandwich panels alternating with translucent panels to let in natural light, eradicating material considered harmful to the health and ecologically inefficient such as lusalite.

Creation of an internal laundry with more efficient machines in terms of water and energy consumption.

Installation of an irons steam cogeneration system, forwarding the heat to a deposit and adding water, avoiding energy consumption in the boiler to heat the water used in the laundry.

Recently, the Company replaced the natural gas boiler with an electric one.

It has photovoltaic panels for more than 10 years, having increased its photovoltaic park in 2020 and which, through new reinvestment, will reach 200kw of production in 2022, making the company 100% autonomous in terms of energy consumption.

Installation of a highly efficient system for renewing the Company's indoor air, reducing air conditioning consumption, providing more efficiency and air quality.

Installation of a flow reduction system and timer on all taps in your facilities.

Installation of hand dryers, reducing the use of paper.

Reduction in consumption of stationery digitally.

Replacement of all the lighting to LED lights with motion sensors that automatically switch off in case of absence of people or increase in the intensity of natural light.

The company has made a strong investment in replacing its fleet of combustion vehicles with 100% electric vehicles, both for passengers and cargo, having a fleet of approximately 20 electric vehicles.

Ecology has always been present in purchases and we even suggest, whenever possible, that customers opt for ecologically more interesting and durable products.

We have several certifications such as GOTS, GRS, BCI, CmiA and when possible we produce with organic cotton and recycled fibers.

We have two references of melange yarns developed with our cutting waste in 100%CO and 50%CO/50%PES that we transform into different knitted structures such as jersey, pique, terry or rib.

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