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What We Do

Building: Buildings with 10,000 square meters fully air-conditioned and neutral in CO2 emissions, roof in sandwish panel with solar panels alternating with translucent panels for natural light. It has antechambers to the entry and exit of suppliers so that the building maintains a stabilized temperature in summer and winter.

Warehouse: dynamic warehouse with alphabetical identification and automatic registration in the ERP for quick identification. Mesh transport trolleys with height storage capacity.

Cutting: 5 automatic feeding spreading cutting tables with Lectra Systems technology, with a fully efficient spreading process.

Design: Equipped with powerful computers, it allows the creation of 3D samples through the CLO system.

Confection: 150 state-of-the-art sewing machines that makes it possible to manufacture all types of items requested by the customer in-house.

Laundry: Laundry room with efficient Miele machines for in-house production that allows significant water and energy savings.

Packing: automatic article folding machines. Electric boiler that eliminated the use of natural gas.

Open space: A space that brings together all departments, from design, planning, sustainability, commercial and administrative, so that information becomes more efficient.

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